Il Forno Pizzas

Wood Fired - Mobile - Pizza


Il Forno Pizzas setup

Ciao, we are Steve and Becky a couple who have started our own business as a mobile pizza restaurant called il Forno Pizzas, or “the pizza oven” in Italian.

We operate across Devon and Cornwall recreating the taste and experience of the authentic Italian style pizza. We are able to do this because we have an expertly designed, professional wood fired oven, capable of temperatures in excess of 400C, meaning we can produce great tasting pizzas in less than 90 seconds.

Our unique set up means that our customers can enjoy seeing us at work, from the stretching of the dough to topping and then cooking them within the pizza oven. Customers can then chose whether they wish to eat their pizza close by continuing to savour the atmosphere whilst chatting amongst friends or to simply collect and take it away to enjoy elsewhere.

We offer a personable service with an emphasis on providing exceptional hospitality and hosting to all our customers. In this way we offer the fantastic combination of a restaurant style atmosphere, ambiance and quality but in a mobile format.

All our pizzas are handmade with natural dough ensuring a light, thin and crispy base, just as they should be. We then top these with the finest and freshest of ingredients before cooking them within the wood fired oven. All this ensures a fantastically tasty Italian style pizza.

We are also available to cater for private parties, weddings, corporate functions etc.

We look forward to seeing you soon!