Il Forno Pizzas

Wood Fired - Mobile - Pizza


Ciao, we are Steve and Becky (Stephen Hancock and Rebecca Beasley) a couple who have just started our own small business as a mobile pizza restaurant.

We have been working for the last four years across Europe within the catering industry producing great food for our customers. In total we have worked eight seasons and have spent a summer and the last two winter seasons working in Italy. With these experiences in mind and with the ambition to set out on our own we decided to bring a little of the culture and a lot of the tastes and flavors back home with us to Devon and Cornwall.

Our catering experience has ranged from working in commercial kitchens to smaller homely chalets, from catering and hosting high end dining experiences in villas to private parties in customers own homes. We have catered for special personal occasions, consistently produced 3 course evening meals for groups of 30-40 people, to catering for larger events and parties. In all instances we have relished the unique challenges of the work and taken great satisfaction from the opportunities to meet many different people.

We have a passion for providing great quality food tailored to the circumstances but always keeping in mind the need to utilise top quality ingredients and to produce and serve our pizzas with a smile and with love.

What makes us different:

We are not a pizza take away! We are not a pizza restaurant! We are different! Our unique package is that we offer a more personable service with an emphasis on providing exceptional hospitality and hosting to our customers

We offer the fantastic combination of a restaurant style atmosphere, ambiance and quality but in a mobile format. Our aim is to recreate the taste and experience of the authentic Italian pizza back here in Devon and Cornwall.

We are able to do this because we have an expertly designed, professional wood fired oven, capable of temperatures in excess of 400 degrees centigrade, meaning we can produce great tasting authentic pizzas in less than 90 seconds.

What are we offering:

It’s not just a pizza. All our pizzas are handmade with natural dough ensuring a light, thin and crispy base. We then top these with the finest and freshest of ingredients before cooking them within our very own wood fired oven. All this ensures a fantastically tasty Italian style pizza.

We will bring our business to our customers so that they can enjoy the experience in an environment in which they are comfortable, be that eating close by to the pizza oven savouring the atmosphere and chatting amongst friends or simply collecting and taking away a freshly cooked pizza to enjoy elsewhere.

We are proud to say that we provide the highest standards of food hygiene and will always work within and towards the highest standards of customer service. In order to deliver on taste and flavour we make every effort to source and use local quality ingredients and produce.


If you like the idea of Il Forno Pizzas and are intrigued to find out more we would love to hear from you. Whether you simply want to know a little bit more about us and our experiences, whether you wish to make further enquiries about the business and what we can offer you, or if you would like to discuss a booking then please contact us via phone or email on the details below.